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Mega Mass 4000


Weider Mega Mass 4000 is a true giant amongst weight gainers and is Weider's top selling product worldwide. It is a favourite among athletes and individuals wanting to increase lean muscle mass.


  • 75% carbohydrates
  • 4 component protein stack
  • 4000 extra calories per day
  • Soya and lactose free


Size: 1.5kg

Flavours: French Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Country Strawberry


Four different high quality protein sources are included in the formula to ensure optimal bio-availability and a broad spectrum of amino acids for maximum absorption. These ultra-filtered protein concentrates supply highly nutritious, highly soluble protein to prvent muscle catabolism and assist in muscle growth and repair. Rapid muscle recuperation is the key to increased training intensity and an ideal physique.


Mega Mass 4000 provides up to 4000 EXTRA calories per day to ensure sustained enery, and even during intense workouts and demanding endurance events. It is ideal for those individuals who find it difficult to gain weight.

Choline and Inositol, included in the formulation, act as lipotropic agents and boost the emulsification of fat into the bloodstream for conversion into energy, thereby assisting to reduce body fat percentage. Betaine, a digestive enzyme, is added to enhance digestive efficienty and protein metabolism. Vitamin and mineral co-factors ensure optimal functioning of metabolic conversion mechanisms and support the immune system.

The use of Mega Mass 4000 will vary depending on individual physical characteristices and factors such as training frequency, intensity, duration and basic dietary nutrient intake. Always ensure that your basic diet is balanced and low in fat.


Contains NO yeast, gluten, lactose, preservatives

Drug, doping and stimulant FREE


As a Mega Mass Gainer (for ease of mixing use a blender or shaker)

1st week: Mix 2 scoops (148g) of powder with 400 ml of water or 2% low fat milk. Take once a day between meals

Thereafter, mix 2 scoops (148g) of powder with 400 ml of water or 2% low fat milk. Repeat this serving twice a day between meals.

As a Mass Maintenance Dose:

Mix 2 scoops (148g) of powder with 400 ml of water or 2% low fat milk. Repeat this serving twice a day between meals.


Nutritional Information

(per 100g serving)


Energy 1579 kj Total Protein 17.7g Total Carbohydrate 75g
Total Fat 0.7g Total Dietary Fibre 0g  Inositol  500mg
MCT  200mg  Choline Bitartrate  100mg Betaine Hydrochloride  70mg
Creatine Monohydrate   60mg Ornithine  41.6mg Taurine 8.74mg
Chromium Polynicotinate 8.50ug Carnitine  4.16mg L-Alanine 3.50mg
Vitamin A 104.4ug Vitamin B1 0.46mg Vitamin B2 0.98mg
Nicotinamide 7.17mg Vitamin B6 0.17mg Ca. Pantothenate 3.89mg
Vitamin C 47.52mg Vitamin D 170i.u. Vitamin E 15.01i.u.
Calcium 395.5mg Copper 0.07mg Iron (Elemental) 1.11mg
Zinc (Elemental) 0.87mg        




(per 846g serving with 2% low fat milk)


Energy 4000 cal Total Protein 199.5 Total Carbohydrate 702.36
Total Fat 36g Total Dietary Fibre 0g