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Creatine Fuel


Creatine Fuel contains creatine monohydrate plus glycocyamine whichallows for intense trainng, increased strength, muscle growth and elevated fitness levels.


  • Cell volumiser
  • Includes glycocyamine
  • Increases power output
  • Enhances training intensity


Size: 100g

Flavour: Natural



Creatine Monohydrate (90%): Glycocyamine (10%)


Glycocyamine is the major building bloack of Creatine. Combining glycocyamine and creatine monohydrate enhances the bioavailability and utilization of the product thus accelerating the cells energy cycle (ATP cycle) and the regeneration of the ATP for use as energy.


Weider's Creatine Fuel can be used for:

Increased energy during endurance OR short-burst, high intensity exercise.

Enhanced training intensity - Creatine Fuel allows athletes from all sporting disciplines to train harder and more effectively by increasing energy, delaying muscle fatigue and enhancing muscle recuperation and growth.

Note: For optimal muscle size (cell volumising), increase water intake when supplementing with Weider Creatine Fuel

Suitable for vegetarians

Students under age of 18 should consult a general practitioner before emabrking on a creatine supplement program

Important: Avoid coffee or any caffeine containing substance when using creatine, as the beneficial effects will be compromised




Take 1 serving daily, preferably following exercise


Mixing Instructions


To stimulate an insulin release and so assist the transportation of creatine fuel into the muscle, mix 1 serving with 300ml of any high sugar, low acid juice or beverage eg. grape or apple juice.


Serving Size


Modification for Weight

Above 90kg: Two teaspoons (10g) per serving

68kg - 90kg: One teaspoon (5g) per seving

Less than 68kg: Half a teaspoon (2.5g) per serving